Update your PlayStore Manually for 4.4.22 and many other versions.

Hey guys, if you are looking to update your PlayStore manually, then here are the links that I am going to provide. Just Download them and Install them on to your devices.

Android PlayStore v 4.4.22 

Android PlayStore v 4.4.21

Android PlayStore v 4.3.11

Android PlayStore v 4.3.10    Updated Version [ Android PlayStore v 4.3.10 ]

Android PlayStore v 4.2.9       Updated version [ Android PlayStore v 4.2.9 ]

Android PlayStore v 4.2.3

Android PlayStore v 4.1.10 

Android PlayStore v 4.1.6

Android PlayStore v 4.0.27 

Android PlayStore v 4.0.26

Android PlayStore v 4.0.25

Android PlayStore v 3-10-14

Android PlayStore v 3.10.10

Android PlayStore V 3.9.17

Source: Androidpolice

If there is any version missing, please do request in the comments section or find us on our Facebook page. We will provide you with the optimum solution.

The Data above is gathered from different sources and kept available for the users to make it easier rather searching for other versions elsewhere.

It’s always safe to update via Phone update rather than manually updating, however, the links provided don’t contain any malicious or harmful viruses that corrupt your device.

  • rocket rod

    What about 4.0.4 ? Please. Going nuts

  • Vandana

    Hello can you tell me which latest version can run in Android 4.1.2 JB please?
    Thank you ^^

  • Fau

    4.1.2 please?

  • adriana

    i have deleted my play store. how do i install it back again?

    • Raghuvarya

      Clear the cache from application manager in settings and then download one of the versions displayed ( version supported by your device ) and install it.

      • kazi ullah

        Can you tell me which latest version of playstore can run in android 4.2.2 JB ? thanks.