Best Puzzle Games for Android 2013

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Hey guys, here are the best Puzzle games for Android of 2013 and according to me they are the best puzzle games of all time. The data showcased here is after a thorough analysis of the reviews and the number of downloads.

1. Cut The Rope 




Theme : A little monster named OM NOM is arriving in a surprise package and all it wants is a candy. The player is provided with a candy tied to a rope in each level at different positions in the room in which OM NOM is present. The player has to cut the rope in such a way that the candy must finally reach OM NOM. In between, there will be stars which increase points and ratings if collected. The are many levels and one level is completely different from the other and after finishing certain levels, the game changes to the next stage by increasing the level of difficulty.

Key Features:

> 15 stages with 375 levels
> Innovative gameplay
> Adorable UI
> Simple and Outstanding graphics
> Interesting puzzles solving mechanisms used
> Constant free updates with new levels and animations

Get the app here : Cut The Rope

2. Free Flow

Free Flow

Free Flow

Theme : In this game the player is provided with different colored glowing dots in multiple square boxes. All that player has to do is connect the same colored dots without intersecting with other dots or without touching other dots. The game is simple and puzzling. Once you started playing it, you will simply get addicted to it.

The game has many levels and the number of dots to connect get increases in every stage. Though the game becomes harder in the final levels, players can skip the level if he finds it hard and unloving.

Key Features :

> More than 900 levels
> Interesting Puzzles and Funny Sounds.
> Time player option as well as Free play is available.
> No confusion with the graphics and Simple UI

Get the App here : Free Flow

3.Unblock Me

Unblock Me

Unblock Me

Theme : In this game, the user is provided with blocks of same color and one different colored ( Red ) block. All that player has to do is to unblock the Red block from other blocks by moving and adjusting all the blocks.

The game has many levels and easy to play with a simple UI. Though it gets tougher to solve the final levels, the game is so simple, puzzling and addictive.

Key Features :

> Relax Mode and Challenge Mode
> More than 5000 puzzles
> Provides Hints in difficult puzzles
> Ranks online

Get the app here : Unblock Me

4.Ultimate Logo Quiz


Theme : The game comes with hundreds of logos with different logos in different levels. All that a player needs to  do is to choose the correct name that is associated with the logo. Though the game might look little tough for people who don’t know about logos, Logo quiz is a perfect choice for people who has a good knowledge of brands and companies.

Key Features :

> More than 800 logos to Guess.
> 22 categories to play
> Hints to guess each logo
> Simple Interface
> Cool looking animations and Graphics

Get the app here : Ultimate Logo Quiz

5. Where’s My Water

Where is My Water

Where is My Water

Theme : A character named Swampy is stuck in a room and is in need of water. All that a player need to do is to make a way and help water to reach Swampy. The game is simple looking and puzzling to solve with different strategies and levels.

The free version comes with 15 levels to solve where as the Full version has more than 500 puzzles with 4 characters featuring Swampy, Allie, Cranky and Mystery Duck.

Key Features :

> New levels every week ( Pro )
> Special items, gifts, Rankings, Missions and lot more.
> Cool Animations and Graphics.

Get the app here : Where’s my water

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